Exploring Sofia Bulgaria, Top Things to See and Do in This Beautiful Capital

Recently, I’ve traveled across North Macedonia, Kosovo, Bulgaria and Serbia in Southeastern Europe. One of the cities I’ve visited was Sofia, Sofia is the capital as well as being the largest city of the Balkan nation of Bulgaria. 

I travelled to Sofia from Skopje in North Macedonia by bus. The bus ride took around four and a half hours, that’s already including the time it takes to get through security at the border. Getting from Skopje to Sofia and vice versa is pretty easy and the bus ticket only costs $19 for one way. The bus station in Sofia is located in the city center itself, just a walking distance to the major accommodation areas and attractions in Sofia so it’s pretty much convenient when you have booked your accommodation in the city center of Sofia itself.


You can book your bus tickets in advance online through omio.com. You can then just show your booking confirmation to one of the staff at the ticketing booth of the bus company mentioned in the booking confirmation in Skopje for them to give you a printed pass for you to show to the bus driver.

In this article, I will be discussing some of the best attractions to see and things to do in this beautiful capital. 

So here are the Top Things to See and Do in Sofia which I highly recommend! 


Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

In my opinion, I think this is one of the most beautiful churches I have seen in Europe, I mean the whole world rather. It boasts a Neo-Byzantine style architecture, hence the stunning details. Visit this church during sunrise or sunset for you to be able to take the best photos of it with a dramatic sky in the background. 

Vitosha Boulevard

My favorite place in Sofia, the Vitosha Boulevard or sometimes referred to as Vitosha Street is the main commercial street of Sofia. Here you can find countless bars, pubs, cafes, restaurants and posh shops. During late afternoons, you can witness several street performers here as well, so definitely it’s the best place to unwind for both locals and foreigners in Sofia.

Church of Saint George

The Church of Saint George is considered the oldest structure in Sofia. It one of the most unique churches I have ever seen because of its style and location. Go and see it for yourself to see what I mean. You can find it behind the Sheraton Hotel in the museum quarter in the center of Sofia.

National Palace of Culture

The National Palace of Culture is a large multifunctional conference and exhibition centre. If it is your first time in Sofia, then I highly suggest that you go and visit it. It’s situated just at the other end of Vitosha Boulevard. It’s a great place to do some physical activities and the view there doesn’t suck so it’s also a great place for some photos. 

Ivan Vazov National Theater

A great place where you can spend your free time. There are tons of buskers here so even if you don`t have anyone to go out with then you can still go and chill there without feeling alone. 

St Nedelya Church

St. Nedelya Church is an Eastern Orthodox church in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, a cathedral of the Sofia bishopric of the Bulgarian Patriarchate. Sveta Nedelya is a medieval church that has suffered destruction through the ages and has been reconstructed many times.

Reference- Wikipedia

Saint Sofia Church

Saint Sofia Church is a Byzantine style church which is located on the same compound as Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. This church has an underground museum where you can explore and witness ancient tombs on display for a small entrance fee.

Tsar Liberator Monument

An equestrian monument in the centre of Sofia, just a few meters away from Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. The monument was a tribute to Alexander II, a Russian Emperor who liberated Bulgaria from Ottoman rule during the Russo-Turkish War in the year 1877-1878. 

Lions’ Bridge

Coming from Sofia’s Central Bus Station, this bridge is what welcomed us on our way to our airbnb accommodation. It’s a pretty nice bridge, so I had to stop for several minutes to take some photos of it. Definitely a must-see when in Sofia.

Statue of Sveta Sofia

The Statue of Sveta Sofia is a monumental sculpture in Sofia, Bulgaria.Sophia was considered too erotic and pagan to be referred to as a saint. 24 feet in height, the copper and bronze statue by the sculptor Georgi Chapkanov, stands on a 48 feet high pedestal. Adorned with the symbols of power (crown), fame (wreath) and wisdom (owl), the crown is also a reference to the Goddess of Fate, Tyche, inspired by the old emblem of Sofia dating back to 1900. 

reference: Wikipedia

Thanks for reading! Have you been to Sofia? How was your experience? Share it with us through the comment section below!

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    1. I wasn’t so impressed with the quality of photos I took of the cathedral’s exterior because it was in the middle of the day, so basically the light sucks. The interior is just stunning though! I guess it was a good time when I visited Sofia, everything seems normal, no pretests or rallies.


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