Exploring Tallinn, Estonia | Top Reasons to Visit Tallinn | Top Things to See in Tallinn

Tallinn is the capital and largest city of Estonia. It is a coastal town with lots of history. I arrived in Tallinn from Helsinki. Tallinn can easily be reached through a two-hour ferry-ride from Helsinki. Ferries from Helsinki to Tallinn and vice-versa regularly leaves every hour, so basically, most visitors in Helsinki tend to go on a day-trip to Tallinn. But in my case, I didn’t go for a day-trip as I wanted to experience this city at a different level, so I spent a total of three-days exploring and discovering what this city has to offer. 


In this article, I will be sharing some of the Top-reasons why you should consider Tallinn in Estonia as your next destination. As well as some of the top things to see in this beautiful capital.

Hospitable People

Upon arriving at the Ferry-Dock in Tallinn, we were meet and greeted by our Airbnb host. She also drove us to the accommodation at no additional cost. And upon entering our Airbnb accommodation, a welcome basket with local chocolate and wine was lying on the table, literally two of my favorite things! So I was totally speechless. It really is true, small gestures often make the biggest impact. 

Great Location

Tallinn has a strategic location in the Baltic Region. You can pretty much reach other countries like Latvia and Russia in less than seven-hours from here, and Finland for two-hours. 

Stunning Old Town

Tallinn’s Old Town is one of the best preserved medieval cities in Europe. Here you can find countless cobbled passages. It is also home to many local cafes and restaurants where you can indulge in local cuisines. Although extensively bombed by Soviet air forces during the later stages of World War II, much of the medieval Old Town still has retained its charm.

Its Cheaper than most European Cities

Coming from Helsinki, I’m pretty surprise as to how everything here in this city is quite affordable. You can basically have a cup of cappuccino from a cozy cafe for a Euro. Hostels in Tallinn can be quite cheap as well, and most of them have affordable private rooms that are a good alternative to an average entry hotel. But Airbnb can be a great option too. Your Euros can go a long way in this city. 

Kiek in de Kök Museum and Bastion Tunnels

Restored cannon tower from the 15th century in Tallinn. It is converted into museum with exhibits & tours of secret tunnels. Definitely a must-visit when in Tallinn.

Tallinn Town Hall Square

The Tallinn Town Hall Square is basically the city’s main square. Here you can find countless outdoor cafes and restaurants serving authentic Estonian Cuisines and beers. It is here where they hold community events as well, and during winter seasons, the square transforms into a giant Christmas market. 

Kohtuotsa Viewing platform

The Kohtuotsa Viewing platform is basically a must visit when in Tallinn. Located just a few hundred meters from Tallin’s Main Square, you can easily reach it by foot. The best time to go here is either during sunrise or sunset to see a dramatic view of Tallinn. 

St Olaf’s church

St Olaf’s Church is one of the tallest churches in Tallinn. Here you can see a wonderful 360 degrees view of Tallinn from above. Though I’m warning you, the climb can be a challenge, for you to reach the viewing deck you need to pass through a narrow spiral staircase with a slight traffic of other people heading up and heading down. Basically not for those who are claustrophobic. 

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is an orthodox cathedral in the Tallinn Old Town, Estonia. It was built to a design by Mikhail Preobrazhensky in a typical Russian Revival style between 1894 and 1900, during the period when the country was part of the Russian Empire. 

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Onnelik Korstnapuhkija

Onnelik Korstnapuhkija or the Lucky Chimney Sweeper is a bronze statue of a short chimney sweeper standing in Suur-Karja in Tallinn’s Old Town. Locals believe that by rubbing the statue, you are welcoming luck to come into your life.

Tallinn Town Hall

A gothic structure in Tallinn’s main square. A site to behold of architecture lovers.

Have you been to Tallinn in Estonia? If so, how was your experience! 😀 Share it with us through the comment section below. 

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